A Taste of History

Talia Coffee History

The story of Talia began in 1945 when the Talia family began roasting coffee with their handcrafted roasting machine in their humble hometown outside of Venice. Quality and sustainable beans are sourced from around the world; much like wine grapes, the quality of the harvest vary with each season, having an impact of the final flavor of the drink. Talia carefully and meticulously selects their coffee beans annually to ensure quality control and consistency of each roast because good beans make good coffee; it’s that simple.

Talia Coffees and TeasTalia continues to master the roasting techniques of each Italian region to satisfy the sophisticated demand of coffee lovers all over the world, bringing a taste of Italy to you.

You can enjoy Talia’s coffee at a street side cafe in Italy or in your home or office because they’ve developed capsules compatible with Nespresso and Lavazza Point machines.

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